Did you know that you can donate your DNA data to science?


DNA4Science is a citizen-science data collection  project for

ethical and transparent data re-use

Be part of the next great scientific discovery 

Data for ​science, not profit.


Genetics plays a key role in understanding  diseases and behavior, holding promise for medical interventions and drug targets. To make progress, scientists need access to a diverse range of data.  The largest genetic and digital datasets are held by commercial companies, with limited access to scientists.

But you own your personal data! 

By donating your genetic and other data and completing short surveys you will be supporting world-class research projects with the potential to lower costs of treatments and hasten their speed to market.

Through this secure, research-focused platform, we support science, not profit. 

Our core values are to give you transparency, control and something back in return,

putting your rights first and making data available to the top scientists in the world.



Lack of access to data for non-commercial researchers means that we can’t find new cures for diseases, make scientific progress and help more people. Our mission is to gather data to support scientific research.


Could you be a part of the next great scientific discovery?


Your data is on a secure platform, supported by strict and transparent privacy regulations that protect your rights.


What’s more, we will tell you exactly when, where and how your data is used by world class scientific researchers.


We will be launching soon!

Stay tuned for the chance to join our pilot and donate your data for science, not profit.